Vákoum is an American duo formed in New York, 2013, by multi-instrumentalists and producers Kelli Rudick and Natalia Padilla.  Rudick can be heard on the drums, mbira, vocals, guitar, live looping and synth, while Padilla, is featured on guitar, synths, live looping, sampling and vocals. The two met by chance in New York City and began collaborating in 2013. They quickly realized that their individual visions and eclectic musical sensibilities would inspire them to create the lush soundscapes they both sought out in their solo endeavors. By merging the analog and digital world, the two create an intricate environment for their moving arrangements. Their sound is a dive into a warm sonic pool, meeting at that elusive, delicate intersection of complexity and raw, earnest heart.

Vákoum | Breathing Through a Straw Live at Signature Sound Studios

Vákoum | Open Window Live at Signature Sound Studios